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This Personalized Hypnosis Session will be the most powerful, life-changing, tool you will ever have!!

We all come into this world with no thoughts and only two fears, the fear of loud noise and the fear of falling.  All other fears, which contribute to stress, pressure and the sense of overwhelm, experienced by most, are learned, consciously or, mostly, unconsciously.  How we deal with earning and allocating money, body issues, anger, love, procrastination, relationships, spirituality, memory, etc. are decisions we all make everyday, based on our life’s perceptions.  Once habits have taken hold they become difficult to change in real time and play in our brains as we anticipate the future. The patterns of brain cells that have wired together by repetition and emotional impact have created each of our habits and attitudes.  They were learned.  The good news is that anything that’s been learned can be relearned and improved.  This Personalized Hypnosis Session is designed to do just that.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help relearn positive habits and attitudes 2X5 times faster and can dramatically impact performance turning the ordinary into the spectacular.  A Personalized Hypnosis Session combines your personal and/or business goals (also habit and attitude changes desired) with a hypnosis session I record and email to you. 
Life is a balance of physical, financial, emotional, educational, family, social and spiritual aspects.  So if you’re looking to control your eating habits, improve your golf game, read faster, develop a better memory and improve sleep patterns, why not roll these positive goals into an all encompassing hypnosis session?  You can only do one thing at a time, but in a hypnosis session your mind can internalize vast amounts and impact your brain for positive change in each area when those decisions are being made.

I’ve created thousands of Personalized Hypnosis Sessions. I will create a personalized hypnosis session specifically for you. Listen to it as you go to sleep and then preferably in the AM. If you’d like a phone coaching session before I record, I’m happy to do so to be clear.  If the session isn’t perfect, I’ll re-record ’till it is.

It’s an understatement to say that your mind is powerful. This Personalized Hypnosis Session will show you just how powerful it is. “Thoughts are things.” You supply the “thoughts” and this personal hypnosis session will create the “things.”

Read the useful Guidelines below.  If you have questions, please email or call.

Personalized Hypnosis Session


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Fill in a list of your personal and/or business goals (10-20) and choose to receive your personal hypnosis session by CD or download.

Guidelines to Create Your Goals/Life Script

If you ordered the digital version you will receive an email with your session in an attachment. If you ordered the CD version, it will be mailed to the address you’ve provided.

Ideas to make your hypnosis session powerful and effective.

Here are some ideas to make your personalized hypnosis session flow easier and have more impact. These are guidelines I’ve developed over many years working successfully with thousands of people; however, everyone is different and your feelings based on your history or even strong gut reactions will contribute to the making of an effective personalized session.

Put together a list of 10-20 goals/affirmations/suggestions. You may have a few main priorities, but gaining victories in minor areas can develop a momentum and greater sense of confidence the will splay over into bigger issue areas. Here are some thoughts:

According to most psychologists (and common sense), our self-image is based on how we see and feel about ourselves in physical, financial, mental, educational, family, social and spiritual ways. So even though you may want this session to address one or a few issues, do consider going through some reflection into other areas of lesser concern in coming up with your list of goals. If you are less attached to these smaller objectives the chance is that the positive momentum you achieve from their change will accelerate the main concerns. Victories create confidence and then everything is possible. You don’t need to work with these 7 areas, but at least consider them, since so much of what you do has attachment to other areas in your history/life. Put your 10-20 goals in an outline form or in a simple list keeping your categories mentioned above, together. It will sound better and less distracting.

In the writing of your goals consider writing them:

  1. In terms of what you DO want, not what you don’t want.
  2. State each goal/suggestion in the present tense. (I have..I do…I learn…I am…)
  3. Write every goal in the final end result. (I earn $ X or more… I read over 400 words per minute with great comprehension…I wake up refreshed each morning looking forward to the day…I weigh X lbs. and I am slim, trim and fit…I have a do it now attitude…etc.).

Describe only goals that pertain to self-accomplishment. For example, goals stating “Everyone loves me,” or “people will enjoy my art,” do not pertain to yourself but to others. Programing them to respond a particular way may be a metaphysical approach, but that’s a whole other discussion.

When your list is done, email or fax it to me. Include the email address where you want the personalized hypnosis session emailed, or if you ordered a CD, please provide the address to which it will be sent.
Listen to the session twice per day (especially as you are going to sleep at night and preferably in the early morning).
For the first week, listen in a seated position so you don’t just fall asleep. I’d like you to stay in touch with the sound of my voice, but don’t hang on every word. Shortly you will balance the relaxation and concentration. Then you can listen in any physical position that feels right.

About one week after you have been listening with some consistency, send me an email or call with your feedback. I might be able to suggest something at that time that can move you along even better I do care that you do well.

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