113 Develop a Do It Now Attitude


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Need more time to get it all done?  Are you running faster and falling farther behind?  Are you sabotaging yourself and know it?

When the jokes about procrastinating get old and you feel lazy and out of control in your business or life in general, realize that what you are doing is learned.  It’s nurture not nature and the good news is that anything you once learned can by relearned and changed for the better.

If you’ve had enough of the old excuses and are ready to do something that gets you back into the best of who you are, this Develop a Do It Now Attitude! program is a great tool.Here’s what this well thought out, life changing program (#113) will do for you:

Track 1:

  •  Gives you 20 great ideas to change procrastination to positive action.
  • Allows you to get more done efficiently.
  • Use behavioral solutions for business and personal life.

Track 2:

  •  This powerful hypnosis session will subconsciously insure your success to make changes happen faster and easier.


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