113 Develop a Do It Now Attitude


Turn in your procrastination for a DO IT NOW ATTITUDE and get things done. There are remedies for feeling of “stuck.” Use behavior mod. and hypnosis.

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Develop a Do It Now Attitude

Need more time to get it all done?  Are you running faster and falling farther behind?  Are you sabotaging yourself and know it? Develop a Do It Now Attitude and bring more peace into your life. When the jokes about procrastinating get old and you feel lazy and out of control in your business or life in general, realize that what you are doing is learned.  It’s nurture not nature and the good news is that anything you once learned can by relearned and changed for the better.

So, If you’ve had enough of the old excuses and are ready to do something that gets you back into the best of who you are, this Develop a Do It Now Attitude! program has come to you at the right time. 

Track one of this powerful, yet inexpensive program will give you 20 specific solutions to typical procrastination situations. This behavior modification at it’s finest. Small shifts in consciousness can create huge bottom line differences.

Track two is an approximate 15 minute hypnosis session reinforcing a Do It Now Attitude at the subconscious level. Thoughts are things, especially because most of your decisions are subconscious reflex impulses. This session listened to as you go to sleep at night will replace what you don’t want with what you do, in your mind. It’s not hard to do, but it will take your consistency. The internal mental prompts you’ll receive during the day will alter your behavior faster, easier and more efficiently then anything you’ve previously tried. Another benefit gotten by most is that your sleep patterns will probably improve as well as your energy, as a result of the hypnosis session. Win, win!


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