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Speaking Made Easy-Become a Great Public Speaker

Public speaking has become a larger issue for many more people these days. From standing up to speak at office meetings, network groups, keynotes, PTA meetings, Rotary meetings, standing for orals, business presentations, etc., everyone at some time feels awkward speaking. A little out of your element, the mind stresses out (chemically it’s the production of the neurotransmitter cortisol) and the tensions rise. Some experience sweating, stammering, nausea and feeling out of control. In most situations none of this matters if you seem rightfully nervous.   These are friends, relatives…those who care for you. But occasionally, and for some, many times where first impressions matter, a good, if not great, impression counts.  And a bad one hurts. Poor self esteem issues are carried forward by many from an embarrassing speech.

Preparation matters.  Not just learning the words, but in how your presence impacted them. People will rarely remember what you said, but will surely remember how you made them feel. 

The combination of presentation prep, tips about showing your best self and the attitude that shines through your talk is what this dynamic download/cd program is about.

Track one of this program is about the How To’s of preparing for and delivering a great shorter or longer presentation. Much of the information comes from the direct experience of Barry Eisen, the Pro’s Pro. He has given over 7,500 presentations for mostly corporate clients. He has trained hundreds in the art of speaking with purpose for various occasions. Whether for fun or profit, you’ll love his invaluable input. 

Track two is a 15 minute hypnosis session. It will relax and solidify positive suggestions reinforcing confidence and stage presence. Mental practice creates a positive association between you and speaking well in public. Bio-chemically, dopamine and oxytocin (neurotransmitters that create positive feels) replace the cortisol for a more positive attitude about speaking and enjoying the process.

If you have any hesitation about public speaking or simply want to improve those skills for your own reasons, you can hardly make a mistake with this effective, inexpensive program. Learn to speak well and grow!

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  1. I appreciate the detail in this article. Well written and too the point!


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