111 Become a Great Speaker


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Ordinary people think of spending time. Great people think of using it.

Manage time for health and wealth. Learn how to manage time.

What if you had time for everything important in your life without the frantic pace you are caught up in now? What if you could go slower and get more accomplished? Got your attention? Read on. How you use your time can make or break your business, your family, and your social life and create stresses that negatively affect your health. Here is a Time Management program that gets right to the point with 30 ideas you can use NOW to get more use of quality time in your life then you ever have. Time management for health, wealth and sanity. Learn how to:

  • deal with clutter
  • delegate (and when not to)
  • the best To Do list

Track 2 is a powerful session of hypnosis that will give you effective post-hypnotic suggestions to reinforce your wiser use of time.

Time management ideas that can make a difference.

Little shifts can make huge differences.


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