103 Self Image Dynamics

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Your self image dynamics come from your world view. What exists now was learned and can be relearned by changing thoughts and behaviors. This combination of behavior modification and hypnosis can make powerful changes in how you see yourself and the actions you take.  Take charge of your life!

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Self-image–the way you see yourself.
Self-esteem–how you feel about yourself and how you think others see you. Self Image Dynamics is about creating that self-esteem and self-image you feel great about!

Do you go from highs to lows way too often? Do you feel like a victim of circumstances and out of control in your life? Stressed out?  Not sleeping? Binge eating?  Feeling listless?

Who you are speaks so loudly I can hardly hear a word you say! Who are you and how do you feel about that? Want some ideas from which to grow?

Your self-image relates to how you think about yourself. From all the input you have received and interpreted over your lifetime, your thoughts became choices and your actions. This is not reality–but it is YOUR reality. If you let go of “why am I the way I am?” and focus on where it is you are going, changes take place easier and quicker. Instead of focusing on the depression, poor self-image and feelings of powerlessness–you only go in the direction you look, the question is, “what would you like instead?” This program gives you the tools to change your mental input, thereby allowing you to change your output.

Track 1 of this Self Image Dynamics program gives you a number of different perspectives to reframe how you see yourself and the world around you and how to make the adjustments needed. It’s not a Rah! Rah! motivational talk, but rather, a solid approach to positive change and a healthy self-image you can use now and forever.

Track 2 is a powerful hypnosis session designed to reinforce a good self-image and better decision making. To move from a victim to a winner, you need a change of thinking. This Self Image Dynamics program is a wonderful tool for just that.

3 reviews for 103 Self Image Dynamics

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I felt like your recording on self image was talking directly to me. Thanks for the focus and sense of perspective. After years of therapy I can tell you that the approx. $20 I spent on this program did more. You are incredible. Do you ever get to New York to speak or for seminars? Let me know. I’m in on your Self Image Dynamics CD is the best, most soothing session I’ve ever heard. The whole program is great for me. Thanks.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Sorting things out can be tough these days. Thanks for putting things in perspective. Great voice.

  3. This article is a good example of how the author focuses in on the subject matter of which he/she has a real good grasp!


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