102 Sales Dynamics

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Establish the Self Image of a Top Producer!

Sell like a pro. Learn to sell anything, well.

Are you prospecting with consistency like you need to? Are you disorganized and self-sabotaging? Need to take your business to a higher level?

As in baseball, a little hit here and there is all the difference between mediocrity and super stardom. How’s your sales batting average? Learn to get out of your own way and make good things happen. It’s more attitude than it is aptitude. Use hypnosis for success and many other solid ideas that turn order takers into professional salespeople. It’s about overcoming procrastination and showing up with consistency, prospecting (not just when you feel like it), giving powerful presentations, closing assertively, always asking for referrals, managing time and priorities, letting go of negativity, dealing positively with rejection.

Track 1 of this program has numerous proven techniques that work to get anyone in sales to the next level of performance. This track has many useful and powerful perspectives about overcoming procrastination, prospecting, presentations, closing, assertiveness, getting referrals and providing excellent customer service to move your thinking into positive areas of accomplishment.

Track 2 is a comfortable powerful hypnosis session designed to reinforce a strong self-image of a top producer and to fortify effective sales habits. A period of silence is created in the session where you insert specific target(s) you are working on. This program grows with you as your performance increases. Hypnosis is a powerful discipline that will speed up your development dramatically. This program is as effective for rookies as it is for the seasoned veteran.

3 reviews for 102 Sales Dynamics

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I had to tell you that the $17.00 I spent on your CD to improve sales was the best value I have ever gotten in my real estate selling career. The information is right to the point, usable immediately and easy to apply. You obviously have sales skills and know how to teach them. The hypnosis session is so powerful I find myself moving through the day so much more comfortably doing what I need to do without being distracted. Thanks again, I’m ordering a few more of your programs.” “…This a tough economy and real estate market as you know. Staying on track, focused and consistent has never been more important. Thanks for this powerful program. It works.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thanks for the recent seminar you gave at my office. The buzz about it and the CD programs most of us got are still being talked about three weeks later. Specifically the Sales Dynamics CD I bought has already paid for itself many times over with the increased calls I’ve made and the greater confidence I feel in presentations. Thanks for everything.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Wow! This stuff really works.” Sales Dynamics #102 is great. Thanks.

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