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Thoughts are things.  Change your thoughts and you change your actions.  Almost all habits and attitudes are learned.  If they were learned, they can be changed.  Hypnosis is a tool of neuroscience that can help change behavioral patterns 2-5 times faster.  Add behavior modification (desensitization) and you create a concert of internal and external change that happens easier and more quickly. Hypnosis downloads & cds are powerful positive personal development tools.

Each of these self hypnosis downloads/hypnosis CD programs, recorded by Barry Eisen, are well thought out, powerful and effective in creating change and peak performance.  Track one of each program (25-35 minutes) is behavior modification information about “How To.”  Track two of each program (12-15 minutes) is a hypnosis session, recorded by Barry.  (The program #107 for Restful Sleep is just one track of a hypnosis session that WILL give you a great night’s sleep, naturally.)

Over the past 40 years, Barry has created specifically focused, inexpensive self hypnosis downloads & CDs used successfully by thousands of entrepreneurs, athletes, students and health desiring people simply looking to experience life at its best.

Learning self hypnosis, raising sales and income, improving your self image and confidence, stopping smoking and controlling weight, studying more efficiently and passing tests, creating positive sleep cycles and improving energy, playing better golf/tennis/baseball, setting and getting goals, managing time more efficiently, learning to deliver a great speech, developing a wellness mindset and a do it now attitude are all do-able more comfortably and effectively through these inexpensive self hypnosis downloads/hypnosis CD programs.

Click on any or each topic below for a more full explanation of what these download & cd programs can do for you or someone you care about.  If you have questions beyond what’s provided, please feel comfortable in emailing or calling Barry’s office for personalized answers and/or options.

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