Corporate Speaking

Barry is a powerful motivational speaker with a message that can be implemented right now to make a positive difference. He is past president of Executive Sales Institute, one of the largest U.S. sales training companies of its day, and has given more than 6,500 business presentations. Over one million have heard his message about how to change habits, attitudes, and develop focus and concentration.

The titles of his presentations:

Your Business Will Never Grow More Than You Do…

…focus on 5 specific game-changing ideas, one of which is what neuroscientists have known for years; exercising the brain in ways it’s not used to will increase the number of brain cells (a good thing) and the capacity with which they work (a very good thing). Learning and applying self-hypnosis accomplishes this. Many presentations, if time permits, actually conclude with an energizing hypnosis session.

Practical Applications

  • Improve sleep and energy
  • Build confidence with public speaking and more powerful presentations
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Control eating habits, stop smoking
  • Develop focus and concentration
  • Improve memory, reading skills, test taking
  • Control pain
  • Develop a positive business attitude
  • Create a positive attitude
  • Overcome fears…and more

Each listener will hear what they themselves need to take away.

With his dynamic, entertaining and powerful personal style, Barry delivers a meaningful message that gives a sense of purpose, urgency, confidence and energy to all.

One definition of success is, “the ability to stay with an idea after the initial enthusiasm is gone.”

The ideas shared by Mr. Eisen will continue to challenge, stimulate and contribute to each person’s performance long after short-term motivational speakers and speeches have been forgotten.