Corporate Life Skills Seminar

3 hours at your office or conference facility

A company’s success is the result of the collective attitudes and activities of the people who work there.  Everyone wrestles with personal issues.  Resolving those issues will create relationships, a work ethic, and team spirit, as well as promote strategic decision making.  These are the tools necessary for the health and well-being of that company.

Barry’s Life Skills Seminar provides these tools.  In the short term it’s a combination of behavior modification (external change) and self-hypnosis (internal change).  In the long run it give you the ability to focus and concentrate, improve memory, manage time, be more decisive, creative, and open to possibilities.

I think it’s wonderful! Very well presented, great price and effective.

–Erica S. Keller Williams

Very new and fresh way to look at life.

–May D.  Dilbeck Realtors.

Useful and for me great timing.  Can’t wait to implement these strategies to my everyday life.

–Sanaz S.  Sotheby’s Intl.

Very interesting. A different way to change behaviors.  You are entertaining as you give valuable info.

–Diane E. Sotheby’s Intl.

Great!  Some very useful tools for improvement in business and personal.

–Vicki N.  Prudential Real Estate

I still use the techniques and training that Barry gave me 10 years ago. His training helps me keep focused and to get through the tough days and especially the tough business climate the past 2 years

–Richard D.  Keller Williams.

I have practiced Barry’s program and listened to my personalized CD for 3 years now. I have been able to achieve many of my goals with little effort.  I have lost 30 pounds, my concentration level has improved, I sleep more soundly and awake refreshed with energy.  My goals and proprieties have become clearer and easier to attain. I recommend Barry’s program to everyone who wants to feel better and achieve their life goals!

–Kathy P.  Troop Realty

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The Corporate Life Skills Seminar

(It’s more than just a seminar!)

  • Learn to apply self-hypnosis to control stress, sleep better, manage pain, eat with consciousness, stop smoking, become a better public speaker, improve memory and comprehension, read faster, pass tests, enjoy prospecting, develop confidence and a positive self-image, improve any sports performance, gain control over hostilities and anxieties, develop focus, give better business presentations, improve wellness and more.
  • Learn great goal setting and getting systems as well as time management techniques that compliment the goals you’re working toward with your hypnosis sessions.
  • Clearly written materials that back up most of the seminar.
  • Each person receives a CD.  Track 1 (30 min.) highlights the most important information from the seminar for reinforcement.  Track 2 (14 min.) is a powerful hypnosis session to use once or twice each day.
  • After the seminar, each attendee emails Barry a list of business and personal goals.  He will create a personalized Self-hypnosis session that will reinforce your goals.  This personalized session will be emailed back in an attachment. You do become what you think about.
  • 30-45 minute coaching call with Barry.  Some use this time to clarify the list of goals from their recorded session and some use the time to explore “stuck” areas or to clarify future strategies.

Most of who we are is because of nurture, not nature. 

If it was learned, it can be relearned.  Better!