Coaching provides unbiased thinking and accountability support.

Barry Eisen Coaching moves motivated entrepreneurs and realtors to higher levels in their business and personal lives for greater wealth, health, and peace of mind.

Are you doing more and getting less? Has your personal and business lives blurred? Do you want to play a bigger game or just get better control of what you have going on right now? Being objective is tough since you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. So, it’s also nearly impossible to be impartial enough to self-evaluate. Perspective is so important. This is where coaching becomes a powerful tool.

Most successful athletes and business people have been and are affiliated with professional coaches.  The coach typically keeps client’s feet to the fire (accountability) and provides a safe, honest space to explore growth ideas, as a result, improving the quality of life and resolving life’s tougher issues (moving forward).


Coaching is a co-creative relationship between the coach and client. This synergy (dynamic forward moving energy) creates a magical effect helping clients achieve goals that were merely dreams before.
It is a support system that provides the client with an accountability partner, truthful dialogue, and new perspectives, all designed to create BIG shifts in thinking. This creates forward movement towards goals. Plus, there’s continuity in the weekly sessions that builds a foundation of trust.  Every 90 days a personalized hypnosis session is recorded that reinforces new goals and shifts.  Most noteworthy is the sense of calm, organized confidence Barry’s coaching creates, because success feels good.

Barry has been teaching classes and giving seminars for many years and for many thousands of people. He has given hundreds of private sessions and authored many download/CD programs, all with great positive feedback. Quite often he is asked about personal coaching as a follow up. Some he has been coaching for years.  Some just need a month or two to get a vision and plan to create momentum.

He brings his balance of insight, listening skills, experience and passion to move individuals to their highest conscious attainment, he works with a limited number of entrepreneurs, one on one.

Is coaching for you?

Rather than extolling the virtues of this wonderful interaction, he invites anyone seriously interested in getting on a fast track to business accomplishment and a more satisfying life to contact him to set up a no obligation, “test ride” of this efficient and effective vehicle. Due to his busy teaching, speaking and coaching schedule, his plate is usually very full, but will always make time for the serious person looking to move ahead.

Call or contact Barry now to set a test, telephone coaching session. Expand your thinking and show yourself what you really can do.

Your Time Will Be Well Spent.

Some of the hundreds of testimonials:

Robert S.  I wanted to reach out to you this morning and thank you. Every once in awhile we meet people that teach us amazing things that improve our life. I say this with extreme sincerity that not one has put me on the right path as you have. I’m grateful that you came to our office a few years back and had the impact on me that you did. I listened to the personal audio you made specifically for me several times (not as much as I should have) and it worked pretty damn good. My income goal was beat by 20k. I read more books than I have in my whole life. My relationship with my daughters improved. My memory improved.

Arturo G. This being the beginning of our second year coaching, I want to tell you how much of a difference you’ve made in my life.  You know what I personally went through this past year and still went over my $200,000 financial goal. Thanks for being an amazing coach.

Gus A.  Barry, It was a pleasure working with you over the past few months and found our time together very productive. The suggestions, ideas and counsel you gave me were tangible and allowed me to immediately implement them into my business and personal life. I now tend to look and analyze things with a third eye (so to speak) which helps accelerate the problem solving process. Two heads are truly better than one! Thank you again so much. Best. Gus.

Marlene D.  I’ve coached over my 25 years in real estate with a few good coaches. You are the best. You are a great listener, wise, kind and never let me slide with excuses. My income has doubled over the last 2 years in real estate, my family relations have been so much better and I can sleep and balance my life as never before.  Thank you.  Stay with me, please!