Stop Smoking Forever

Smoking cigarettes is expensive, it will kill you, make you a social outcast, sets a bad example for your kids and is very un-hip. This you already know.  But there is a disconnect between knowing and doing.  To stop smoking forever is probably not in your sights if you have failed to quit enough times.  And you probably have tried to quit and were successful many times in the past. But how not to restart? How do you stop smoking forever?

Hypnosis and Behavior Modification to Stop Smoking Forever

If the time is right for you quit but nothing has worked before, using hypnosis coupled with behavior modification could your best option to stop smoking forever. Hypnosis deals with redirecting urges by changing the reason you smoke. Specifically this means triggering the brain to produce less dopamine and oxytocin (feel good neurotransmitters) and more cortisol (feel bad neurotransmitters).  We all do things to either maximize pleasure or minimize pain.

An hypnosis session starts with relaxation to reduce the critical portions of the brain (neo-cortex) from hanging on to the built up images, feelings and justifications about smoking.  The post hypnotic suggestions that follow are about being a non-smoker and transitioning easily.  In a relaxed state, the words, pictures and feeling listened to, impact more brain cells and more deeply, make positive impressions.  You become what you think about.

It’s been my experience to reinforce whichever way a person chooses to stop smoking forever.  Some just get to the point of frustration and go the “cold turkey” approach.  It works for those ready to make that night and day change.  Some choose to de-sensitize and go more slowly over a short period of time.  It’s a little more gentle process and one I suggest when anyone asks for my opinion on what works best.

When behavior modification (external change) is added to hypnosis (internal change) the resulting concert is powerful. I’ve seen a 2-3 week quit date work best.  On your calendar and in your hypnosis session, insert the specific quit date.  As the quit date gets closer, your sense of anticipation and urgency will increase.  This amount of time will allow for gradual and comfortable time to create little victories and develop confidence and a more positive self esteem. 

Supportive Behavior Modification Ideas to Stop Smoking Forever

  • Change brands of cigarettes (get the nicotine rush but not the full satisfaction)
  • Buy only one pack at a time, across the counter, from a person, not from a machine. No stashing packs around the house, car or work.
  • Take all the cigarettes out of the pack and circle each with a marking pen. In the beginning mark the circle close to the held end.  Pack by pack and day by day mark your circle closer and closer to the lit end. Only smoke to the marked circle.  So, each pack you’re taking in just a little less smoke from each cigarette. (Sneaky, huh?)
  • On your quit day, take all the remaining cigarettes (shouldn’t be many in that lsat pack) and smoke them all just to the marked circle.  Flush them down the toilet.
  • Do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth. Having this last lousy taste in your mouth relating to smoking, will be enough of a negative association to overcome any cigarette cravings for 2-3 days.  2-3 days is how long i takes nicotine, the only chemically addicted chemical in cigarettes to be purged from your body.
I hope this helps you make a meaningful decision to stop smoking forever, for you and the people around you.  If you have questions I may help with, please email or call.