What’s your 2018 going to look like? This time of year especially, you are being bombarded with lots of good ideas to make next year the best yet. Ideas are like belly buttons, everyone’s got ’em. Below you’ll find mine…list, that is, not belly button.  I’ve listed my 7 ideas for a great 2018 and obviously there are many ideas.  But as you read on, if anyone of these 7 ideas for a great 2018 makes you say, YES! Write it down and start immediately. Putting off the activity only make s it harder to pick up later.

Life is like a patchwork quilt. Throughout your life you take some wisdom from here and mix it with some wisdom from there and, presto! you
end up with your own personal philosophy or ways of doing things. You can learn the hard way, kicking and screaming, or by assimilating changes comfortably. Hard, easy…it’s your choice. Aside from being more mindful (read as, BEING PRESENT) and doing things for the HIGHEST GOOD, Here are 7 ideas for a great 2018.

7 ideas for a great 2018
(Make changes, not resolutions)

1. Learn to say NO! Taking on too many activities, especially when they are other people’s issues, or over extending yourself, can mess up your head and life in lots of ways. Delegate and learn to say “no, thank you,” or “yes, but, not right now.” Say NO! to the lazy or destructive choices that create inconsistent business/personal behaviors and say NO! to taking the path of least resistance, just because it’s the easier way to go. Do what’s right.

2. Learn to say YES! Do things that stretch you out, make you a little uncomfortable. You feel best when you’ve learned something new, applied yourself where you’ve been told you weren’t capable and been consistent where it mattered. Say YES! to new experiences, people and opportunities. Stretch and grow rich in many ways.

3. Eat right and exercise for health and energy AND to eliminate any reasons (excuses) to not play and enjoy those people and activities around and available to you. Eat as close to a Mediterranean Diet as you can. Aerobic and weight bearing exercise 3 times a week. Tired doesn’t mean you’re old…it means YOU’VE NEGLECTED something important. Remember…rust never sleeps! Keep moving.

4. Do self-hypnosis every day. You know it’s effective in changing habits and attitudes, it de-stresses and provides health benefits associated with longevity and quality of life and establishes a “Leadership By Example” consciousness for those around you. It will help with sleep, energy, feelings of peace, confidence and self-esteem and habit change. Neuroscience touts self-hypnosis as one of the very best exercises to create better memory, decision making… a younger more adaptive brain. (Brain plasticity)

5. Create at least one digital device free zone and/or time. Unplug, slow down and enjoy the folks around you. Artificial Intelligence is developing quickly. Stay relevant and interesting/interested. Listen, speak and pay attention without distractions. Teach your kids how to use computers, not be one.

6. Stay connected with friends and relatives daily with a short call, just to say, “hi.” Don’t FIND the time…MAKE the time. It’s good for them and it’s good for you. You can’t beat, Win/Win!

7. Keep a Gratitude Journal. Just before bedtime, enter at least 3-5 positives from that day. Appreciate and focus on what’s good-great in your life. Some days you’ll have to dig deep. Do it. It’s good for you. You’ll sleep a lot better, whine a lot less and you and those around you will like you more.

Happy Holidays and New Year to All!