Building your sales and business in December.

It’s the time of year companies put so much into giving back to the people who kept the lights on and paid the office rent and, hopefully, showed a profit for the company. Gratitude, recognition and appreciation are good things. It’s what people work for. The mindset of 90% of the people I see this time of years is, Whew! Another year! Time sure does fly! Finish up these deals, get into the holiday spirit! Plenty of time to prepare for the yearly meeting with the “boss” to plan out next year.

About 10% of the people I see this time of year are a little different. They are every bit in the holiday spirit. Their time considerations are the same as most others. But there is something different within them that keeps the pedal to the metal. Over 50% of those I’ve coached over the years have December as their biggest producing month, year after year. Here’s how to finish 2017 strong!

It’s not an accident, it’s a strategy.

The more sales people who slow down and relax (I don’t mean just ease up, I mean, come to a screeching halt) the more opportunity exists for those who pay attention. Conversations come easier this time of year. Lot’s of folks in our sphere of influence as well as strangers we’ll meet at parties and at other social settings dream out loud about what they’re going to do in the new year. Many express feelings about how they’ll do things differently. Who listens? Not many. Superstars do.

Not everyone wants to be a superstar, but the large percentage of salespeople who wish they’d done better during the year, might pick up something from those who are. Is there less business at the end of the year? Yes. But the proportion of those who stop working pro-actively is far greater than the proportion of business always out there.  Finish 2017 strong!

The end of the year is a great time to prospect, get established in the minds of potential clients as the go-to person, build the data base for future marketing and follow up contacts. Who says no in a conversation this time of year to receiving information from someone with whom they’re having a great conversation? Very few. It’s not pushy, it’s caring enough to listen and potentially solve a problem for the other person. It’s what people do. And it’s a year round courtesy.  Finish 2017 strong!

Every once in a while sales people come across an immediate situation where their expertise is needed. Situations arise all the time, not just outside of the holiday season. A death in the family, a family emergency, a divorce, a job loss, etc. Just being out there and paying attention can serve another person in need while creating business.

Here are some pointers that have been shared with me over the years to start 2017 strong!

For those who door knock…do it. When conversation arises, don’t just give your card and walk away. Make sure you ask for name, email address and contact number in exchange for putting that family on your informative newsletter. (An interesting and useful advertising specialty-not a mortgage rate sheet-will create more smiles and open many more doors.)

At holiday gatherings have business cards with you. Don’t be THAT guy or gal and shove your cards into peoples’ hands. Be a listener. Ask questions. Pay attention. And when it’s your turn to talk, get excited about your service. Based on your passion alone, many will ask for your card. When you give your card, ask for their information for your informative newsletter, as well. Be pro-active. You’ll find the building of your data base easier this time of year than any other.

Whenever interest is shown, set a time to follow up. Even if it’s not a specific time and date, get the agreement for the contact. Starting the relationship with even a light commitment puts you more in the seat of control.

Methodically go through your sphere of influence. Hand written holiday cards and follow up, “just calling to say Happy Holiday!” calls will create conversations that can create very positive responses. Social media is no competition for a “high touch” personal note and short, sincere follow up phone call.

Get organized this time of year by cleaning up your data base, create goals and business/personal plans for the New Year, clean up your office space. In other words, do the grunt work now that will allow you to enjoy the holidays, finish 2017 strong and know you are prepared to start next year without stress.

In an effort to be totally self-serving, yet seriously serious, put together a list of goals and changes you’d like to make in 2018 and have me create your Personalized Hypnosis Session . What a way to start the year! Focused, relaxed, powerful and effective.

Thanks for reading. Please do share this article.  And do finish 2017 strong!

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!