Barry Eisen is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, business/personal coach. He teaches useable elements of neuroscience for habit and attitude change and developing focus and concentration. For over forty years, having given over 7,500 corporate presentations he’s worked with thousands of people with hypnosis to improve, sleep and energy, control weight and stop smoking, increase the number and quality of prospect calls, eliminate or minimize fears, improve public speaking, memory andBarrry Eisen for sports excellence.  He’s worked with approximately 1,600 3rd year law school students to pass the BAR the first time with an over 80% passing percentage. His hypnosis downloads and cds are truly state of the art in content, quality and effectiveness.

Hypnosis Downloads and CDs for Change and Focus

The biggest reasons for frustration and failure in most people, is lack of purpose, lack of focus and/or the fear of change.  Hypnosis downloads and cds can make a huge difference. 90% of my clients are entrepreneurs or are independent sales people.  All with pretty much the same even playing field as the next guy, yet the 80/20 concept continues to separate the haves from the have nots.  I find that those working for financial goals as their purpose usually come up short when the pressure is on.  Money is not a motivator, unless you haven’t got any. If you haven’t got any, do think about finding something else to keep your attention. Satisfaction, accomplishment, being of value, self-esteem or a “larger than I” cause usually creates positive consistency necessary for greater rewards and results. Lack of focus is a result of not having clear goals and a game plan, right down to the daily, prioritized to-do list. Simple answers can be coaching, mentoring, an accountability buddy or a good class on time management. Everyone has access to answers for questions or issues of How to? that arise.  But, knowing and doing are separate situations. Resistance to change causes many to sabotage their own efforts. The decisions to buy into self defeating behavior goes deeper than the obvious “reasons” most use to explain their dilemma.  What’s obvious in our lives is usually not what’s moving us, but rather a label our subconscious uses to explain away negative or self defeating behavior. 90% of what we learn is learned unconsciously before we are out of our teens. As infants, toddlers, young kids and teens, we see and hear how people behave.  We see anger, love, sarcasm, kindness, rage, sensitivity etc. and don’t ask if this is right or wrong.  But the mental impressions are there.  We learn by repetition and impact.  We become what we think because we look more for it.  You generally find what you’re looking for. We don’t make decisions psychologically, we make decisions bio chemically.  Brains react instinctively in less than a second.  Then the critical brain justifies the impulse.  Broken down, it’s either a perception of the “carrot” or the “stick.”  It’s either the brain secreting the neurotransmitter dopamine (positive feeling) or cortisol (the negative or fearful feelings).

Being Pro-Active Using Hypnosis Downloads and CDs

Hypnosis downloads and cds and self hypnosis can be huge game changers.  Safe and useable by 98% of the population, hypnosis couples deep relaxation and positive suggestions, affirmations and positive feelings.  These prompt the participant to make better decisions and choices.  Better energy during the day, better sleep at night are positive usual side effects of using hypnosis.

Hypnosis downloads and cds  can redirect the way the brain interprets behavior change.  Hypnosis downloads and cds are designed to impress brain cells with better choices associated with positive feelings so that when posed with choices (e.g. to eat the junk food or make a better decision, to make the prospect calls or to go get lost in playing with social media, etc.) the better decision is made. Listen to hypnosis downloads and cds with consistency as you go to sleep. There’s a greater chance of repetition of positive thoughts in the REM portion of the sleep cycle. Listen sometime in the morning (closest to actually confronting the change-habit or attitude- desired). Spaced repetition especially coupled with  behavior modification (desensitizing) will create the change wanted. And more easily and quickly than you can imagine. Each of the hypnosis downloads and cds hypnosis session is preceded by a 25-30 minute track of behavior modification “How To’s.”  Adding desensitizing activities (external behavior change) to the powerful effects of the hypnosis session will insure results more easily and effortlessly. Throughout the day act, “AS If” you already had that attitude or habit where you want it.  Don’t wait for things to happen…make them happen.  Waiting for a metamorphosis is a negative approach that will sabotage your results. At least stay neutral and acknowledge positive mental prompts and tendencies to take the higher road.  You get what you look for. Some habits will change immediately and some never change (depending on whether you sabatoge yourself by over thinking). But most habits will change and improve within 2-4 weeks as you go through a cycle of resistance (the initial learning curve), tolerance and acceptance. Stay consistent in changing thoughts (hypnosis) and behavior (behavior mod). ANY learned habit or attitude is subject to change wether you learned it in childhood or something new you’d like to master. More specific topics to come. Please comment on this post with questions, observations and other topics of your interest. Make it an interesting day!