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The ideas I’ll share will work for you as they have for thousands of others.

No sales hype. Just sensible information, you can use right now to make a difference in your life.

Programs for companies as well as for individuals are effective, fun, powerful and for many, life changing. Barry has taught classes and held seminars for thousands of people. He has given hundreds of private hypnosis sessions and authored many hypnosis and self-hypnosis CD/downloadable programs, all with great positive feedback. For over 35 years he has excelled as a business/personal coach. On this site you’ll find state of the art ideas from the field of neuroscience, as well as proven “old school” systems designed to improve your health, income, relationships, and create a balanced, rich lifestyle.

What Are Your Goals?

Business Goals

  • Network or prospect more consistently
  •  Apply effective goal setting and time management strategies
  • Give more powerful presentations and close sales assertively
  • Learn scripts easily
  • Listen more effectively and feel comfortable in large and small groups
  • Manage the stresses and pressures of being an entrepreneur
  • Develop a DO IT NOW attitude

Personal Goals

  • Sleep great and have more energy
  • Stop smoking, control eating habits and exercise consistently
  • Read faster, develop study skills, improve memory and pass tests
  • Control pain and create wellness
  • Feel confident in large or small groups
  • Learn easier (guitar, golf, tennis, or ?)
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence


The pro’s pro of corporate speakers. Over 6,000 presentations from keynotes to office meetings to management retreats.  Insightful, useful, empowering!

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Effective Programs

Powerful programs combining behavior modification and hypnosis.  Each program is smart and effective. Download or CD’s are available for purchase.

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Most successful people have a coach. Coaching is 20% accountability and 80% creating systems to move clients forward.

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Personalized Hypnosis

Have an hypnosis session tailor made for you and your specific goals. Send Barry your list of goals from which he will create a hypnosis session just for you.  Your actions are based on your thoughts

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